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Limoncello room spray

Limoncello room spray

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Bestseller! We want you to have products that smell good and look good. The Limoncello fragrance is a tart and true lemon scent - a bright, "wake me up" smell.

This scent also comes in a 10 oz candle, a 12 oz candlea 21 oz candle, a diffuser and in our pet odor neutralizing candles

Things you may want to know about this room spray:

Scent: This scent falls in the fruit and vine fragrance family. Top notes - lemon; Middle notes - limoncello and candied fruits; Base notes - musk and vanilla.   Insider tip - if you want to find similar fragrances, go to our search feature and type in the fragrance family name. 

This bottle of scented room spray features a glass bottle, wood lid and a spray top that evenly dispenses for effective refreshing.

size:  100mL

Vessels are made with 20% recycled glass. No animal testing was done in the design or production of our products. Check out our FAQs on the Home Page for more information including detail on fragrance families. Want to see other sizes or scents? – try our search feature at the top of the page. Free Shipping in US for all orders over $35. Unfortunately we are not able to provide refills for our vessels.

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