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Sand + Fog

Tahitian Vanilla room spray

2 colors available

Tahitian Vanilla room spray

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Bestseller! We want you to have products that smell good and look good. The Tahitian Vanilla fragrance will conjure up thoughts of having a delicious sweet beverage served in a coconut shell on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

This scent also comes in a 10 oz candle, a 12 oz candle, a 21 oz candle, a diffuser, and in our pet odor neutralizing candles

Things you may want to know about this room spray:

Scent: This scent falls in the sweet and spicy fragrance family. Top notes - buttery, creamy and sweet; Middle notes - coconut, vanilla and Tonka bean; Base notes - chocolate and vanilla. Insider tip - if you want to find similar fragrances, go to our search feature and type in the fragrance family name.

Size: 100 mL

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