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Sand + Fog

Teakwood reed diffuser

Teakwood reed diffuser

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This is one of our Bestsellers! We want you to have products that smell good and look good. The Teakwood scent reminds us of walks in the forest, freshly cut wood, floral vines climbing the trees and everything we love about nature. 

This fragrance also comes in a, a 12 oz sized candle, a 24 oz sized candle, a 35 oz sized candleroom spray, and our pet odor neutralizing candles.

Things you may want to know about this diffuser:

Scent: This scent falls in the warm & woody fragrance family. Top Notes - fresh citrus, apple, green leaves and ozonic; Middle notes - jasmine, rose, Tonka bean and cyclamen; Base notes -  sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and moss.  Insider tip – if you want to find similar fragrances, use our search on the fragrance family name.

Size: 100 mL

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