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Sand + Fog

White Pumpkin room spray

White Pumpkin room spray

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This is a best selling scent! We want you to have products that smell good and look good. We created the White Pumpkin room spray to be a warm and comforting fragrance for you, that marks the change of the seasons.  

Also available in a 4 oz candle, a 10 oz candle, a 21 oz candle, and a 100 mL diffuser.

Things you may want to know about this room spray:

Scent: This scent falls in the sweet and spicy fragrance family.  Top notes - orange, cinnamon and maple; Middle notes - clove and cinnamon leaf; Base notes - chocolate, creamy accord and vanilla Insider tip: if you want to find similar fragrances, go to our search tool and type in Sweet & Spicy.

Size: 100 mL

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